5 high paying job specialties abroad for overseas Filipino Workers

Many Filipinos nowadays are aspiring to migrate to foreign countries to better reap the fruit of their hardship. With the desperate aim of having a well-off life they personally decide to leave the country and find greater opportunities abroad. Many were successful to land on jobs that will change their life but some are not. And so, if you are also one of considering working overseas you better make a wiser plan with the work that you want to have before you leave  your homeland. As a help, below are the five high paying  jobs that you may want to apply for.

1. Health-related jobs
If you are a doctor, nurse, medical technologist or any other healthcare profession then you might consider working abroad because a great compensation is waiting for you. Health care professionals get the best salary that one can earn overseas especially in the Middle East where one can pull up an average of P54, 000 to P86,000 every month. A pediatrician in  the Middle East can get around P86,000 in just a month while a nurse can have P65,000 straight on his pocket. 

United Arab  Emirates (U.A.E) is actually the highest paying country  for healthcare workers in the Middle East with an average salary of 21,300 AED every month which is equivalent to P290,000. You are mistaken if you think only doctors or nurses can earn this huge amount of money because even ambulance driver, caregiver, medical billing clerk, nursing assistant or midwife can be paid each month as high as 10,300 AED – 14,900 AED which amount to more than 133,000- 190,000 in peso. Well, if you want to get your feet on the grounds of America, an annual salary of US$ 54, 670 is waiting for you while Europe will get you 1,646 Euros per month.

2. Engineering-related jobs
Engineers remain to be in-demand abroad. As of the moment, there are 1,315  job openings approved by POEA based on JobStreet website, a job portal in the Philippines. Middle East and Asia Pacific are always in massive hiring of engineers. Workers afflicted with engineering works such as mechanical engineer, electrical foreman, site engineer and electrical technician usually earn monthly an average salary of 6,500 AED, 4,000 AED, 10,500 AED, and 3,500 AED, respectively. Asia Pacific on the other hand, offers an average  of P56,000-P59,000  compensation every month for land-based engineers. Meanwhile, the United States gives sea-based engineers a wage ranging from US$57,136 - US$84,633 per month.

Jobs for engineers are also many and varied in countries like New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, and England. If you are an engineer and you want to have a fruitful working experience you might want to work for these countries.

3. IT-related jobs
IT professionals are also one of the list of highly compensated workers. Mobile application developers, data base managers, software engineers, and systems engineers are only some of the highest-paying IT professionals. In 2018, based on Forbes, IT professionals in the US are yielding an average salary of US$ 87,333 which is 36% higher than the global average of US$64,206. You do not have to worry if you still don’t have a working experience as an IT professional because Asia Pacific can still pay you as high as P54,000 every month.Did you know that the US Bureau of  Labor released a statistical data showing how software developers are greatly in-demand? Report says that by 2028, USA will be opening 284,100 IT jobs to anticipate the employment growth of 26%  for that period. 

With that said, an increase in wages will be observed for the expanding IT sphere. By 2028, computer programmers, computer system analysts, software developers, computer network architects, and IT managers will be expected to earn an average annual salary ranging from US$87,530 to US$149,730.  That is apparently a big amount of money which one should start considering of.

4. Hospitality jobs
If your profession is inclined with works in the hotels, restaurants, events or any other areas of  tourism industry, a brighter future awaits you abroad. Hospitality-related job is not only limited to chefs, managers, or flight attendants  but also to cleaning and serving staff, bartenders, bouncers, equipment handlers in concerts, crews in a cruise ship and more. As shown from the U.S. national averages data, workers from hospitality and leisure industry are being paid for an average salary ranging from $17,119 to $812,352. But of course salaries greatly vary depending on job category, location, work experience, education, skills, and other requirements.

Based on the Monster’s website, a global employment site created on 1999, housekeeping directors receives the highest salary among other hospitality jobs with an average wage of $74,712 annually. Casino hosts on the other hand, placed second on the list with an average of $55,044 every year. If you are also wondering how much a waiter can earn, well an average base pay for them is reaching CA$26,000 per year, particularly in Canada. Obviously that is way higher than what our country can offer.

5. Teaching jobs
It is a sad reality that teachers here in the Philippines are undervalued and receive an unjust compensation. Meanwhile, educators abroad are much appreciated and are being provided with a reasonable wage. In UAE, teachers get paid with a mean salary of 5,492 AED every month with a typical tenure of one to three years. If you are an English teacher or ESL instructor, you can pull up as high as $7,400 every month with amazing perks like paid vacation and health insurance. 

Kazakhstan, which levels their education curriculum to that of the Westerns, also compensates teachers justly with $5,000 each month.

Additionally, according to U.S. Bureau Labor Statistics in 2018, elementary school teachers earn an average salary of $58,230 annually; middle school teachers get $58,600; and high school teachers receive $60,320 as a yearly wage. Truly a great amount of money.
Although money cannot give you everything in life, it is still fun to explore and gain more experiences with the countries that can offer not just a higher compensation but also  numerous opportunities that could equipped you more as an individual and a professional. With the job specialties listed above, may you find yourself a place to fit in where your dreams could come true.

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