Basic tips on how to write an impressive resume for your job application

Have you been waiting for a call that would land you in a job interview? You have sent your resume to a lot of potential employers so why on earth are you not getting any job notification from any of them? Maybe because there is something wrong with your resume. It might be your paper that has sabotaged you.

A resume is a  crucial requirement during job application. By means of it, you have to create a strong impression to the employer because before he will set an appointment with you, he will be first meeting you on paper — through your resume. So how will you sell you skills and capabilities with just a paper? There are three types of resume but here are the tips on how to impressively write yours in general.

1. Make it neat and organized
Do not give the employer a reason to reject you by just looking at your paper. Avoid a messy resume. Check the alignment and spaces of your words. Do not make your paper grandiose by using different font colors, styles, and sizes. Even a graphic designer won’t do that for a resume.

2. Avoid grammatical errors
An employer does not have the patience to read your resume between the lines or figure out what are you trying to say. He would just likely conclude that you can't simply write and incapable for the job that you are applying for. Even wrong spellings due to typographical error would leave a bad impression.

3. Customize your resume
A “fit-for-all” resume may sound good for it will not take you a lot of time tailoring your paper every time you submit to a new employer but this is not impressive enough to get  the job that you want. When writing a resume give emphasize to your skills, capabilities, and experiences that would more likely qualify you to the job that you are applying for.

4. Do not make it lengthy
There is no rule indicating how many pages should your resume be. But with a pile of resumes waiting to be reviewed, your employer would not waste time reading a paper with a lot of pages. If you could make it with one page or two, then great. Just be concise and clear. Avoid putting irrelevant details.

5. Use action words
Use action words that would best emphasize your initiative and previous achievements instead of the phrase “responsible for”. Like for example, instead of saying “responsible for company interviews” , you could write it as “arranged interviews with company executives and employees.”

6. Have a professional summary
 Remember that your summary is one of the important components of a resume that would first give an impression. Write a professional summary which is concise but enough to highlight your skills developed from your experiences and ambition as an employee.

There a lot of resumes out there that are properly formatted. But bear in mind that it is the content that would bring you to the next level of your application—the job interview. Always make sure that you will stand out among others by just that piece of paper but never ever include false details of you.

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