Under Display Front Facing Camera Technology Now A Reality

Imgage from Oppo
The growth of innovative products for smartphone continues to strive in years and current spotlight now is to have a full screen display. A no notch screen and bezel-less smartphone is the one that every consumers requests to the manufacturers.

As of this year, there different kinds of under panel technology which is the highlight of a smartphone. A Fingerprint on Display (FoD) or also popularized by being called Under-Display or In-Display fingerprint sensor, Haptic on Display (HoD), Speaker or Sound on Display (SoD) and Under Panel Sensor (UPS) has been on the rise. Under Panel Sensor has been a concept some time and now it just became a reality.

Different phone manufacturer have working vigorously on working out on different designs to remove the notch on the screen display. 

Phone designers begin to innovate by using different styles on the front facing camera, with the design of (1) pop out camera from Oppo, Vivo and RealMe, (2) sliding and flip out design to reveal the camera from Xiaomi, (3) pinhole camera which can be seen in midrange to flagship Samsung devices, (4) rotating camera can be seen in the ASUS Zenfone 6.

With these design and innovations, manufacturers focus on to have a full screen bezel-less smartphone where consumers love to use and definitely buy one.
Image from Oppo / Xiaomi

Oppo and Xiaomi reveal a working under-display camera;

As the innovation in mobile is peaking, Chinese based smartphone manufacturers Oppo and Xiaomi showed their under-display front facing camera. It is now 100% screen, no notch and no pin hole. Oppo’s VP Brian Shen have teased the first under screen camera display with Xiaomi with a fast response showing their own technology of under screen camera on a Xiaomi Mi9 prototype courtesy of Xiaomi co-founder Bin Lin.

With this show off, both Oppo and Xiaomi looks incredibly promising although they are both in a prototype device. Still, no one else knows when this device go on production and will release but as far as technology is concern, consumers will enjoy soon this kind of under display / screen technology.

Setting a camera under the screen together with fingerprint scanner, speakers and capacitive buttons will surely be a tough smartphone design. 

This technology will surely be followed by other manufacturers, notably Samsung. The Korean giant electronics company also reported working out on their design to have one of their next flagship phone a under screen camera. Vivo the main rival Oppo in China is also reported working on the same implementation of front facing camera.

As for the current smartphone updates, no launch date or timeframe for the under screen selfie camera phones. Experts also mentioning the optical quality and clarity of photos since it will be under the glass but of course it is innovation.

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