Philippine National ID scammers to face up to P3-million penalty, jail time

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) issued the warning in a recent advisory after receiving information on the proliferation of Facebook accounts and websites that claim they are legitimate online platforms of the PSA and PhilSys.

A penalty of PHP1 million to PHP3 million and imprisonment from three to six years will be meted out under the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) Act.

“We are warning the public to be vigilant and immediately report to PSA these groups to avoid being scammed and illegal use of your personal information,” the PSA posted.

PSA advised the public to call PhilSys hotline number 1388 in case they come across fraudulent persons or groups.

PhilSys registration is free and does not charge assistance fee or delivery fee of the PhilID card.

The PSA advised that only the official website of PhilSys (,ph) Facebook account ( are authorized to release information.

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