Top 10 countries where Filipinos want to work abroad

If your are to travel around the globe, you need not to worry of meeting or mingling with other races. This is for the reason that you will surely find home
to your “kababayans”, because the truth is Filipinos are everywhere. And what they are up to? Definitely, a greener pasture.

According to the latest report of Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) about two million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are deployed around the world just for the month of April to September 2018. Just imagine how many Filipino expats are there outside the country by this year. It is a reality that Filipinos are scattered in every continent but have you ever wonder what are the country uof their choices? If yes, we got an answer for you. 

Based on the size of population of Filipinos in every country according to PSA and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), here are the destinations where OFWs would most likely migrate.

1. Saudi Arabia
Although Saudi Arabia has a rough climate and is a conservative country, it appears to be the largest hirer of OFWs based on the latest data of PSA. In the middle east, this is where you can find a lot of Filipinos. This country could offer you an average wage of 16,800 SAR each month which is equivalent to more than Php226,000 based on salary explorer. Salaries here are also tax free which attracts many expats to move in. You can also expect medical services which are free of cost. Even expensive procedures would not charge you a penny.

2. United Arab Emirates
Did you know that UAE is one of the top paying countries abroad? No wonder why many OFWs aspire to work for this country. They offer good salaries with no income tax. You can have the average salary of  15,300 AED or more than Php210,000 with no deduction based on salary explorer. This country also has a lot of job openings to apply for. As of the moment, there are 15,092 job listings according to, an online platform where employers could hire quality and competent workers based in UAE and  other Middle East countries.

3. Singapore
Singapore is one of the fast growing country in Asia and is just an hour or two away from the Philippines. Aside from higher wages and scenic sights, it has the lowest crime rate in Asia and  is considered as the most safest country according to Global Piece Index. With its numerous career opportunities, there is no doubt why many Filipinos chose to work in Singapore and apply for a permanent resident card which is just one click away.

4. Hong Kong
Hong Kong has a progressive economy and business environment as well which magnets a lot of Filipino workers. In one of the articles of HSBC expat explorer, it cited that 86% of the immigrants said that Hong Kong gives them an opportunity to enhance and develop new skills. It also offers an average salary of 19,100 HKD for male workers and 14,700 HKD for female workers based on Edigest. Labour Department of the Govern of the Hong Kong also raised the minimum salary to HK$ 37.5 for the year 2020. Aside from these,  the country’s tourism also attracts a lot of expats around the world.

5. Qatar
Weather you are a skilled worker or a certified professional, Qatar could give its workers a rewarding salary that is why it is also one of the top destination of OFWs. Every worker, are not also required to give a share of their income to the Qatari government, meaning to say you can have a tax-exempt salary. You do not have to worry on your health as well because Qatar has a well-funded medical services and ranked as the 5th best health system in the world according to Legatum institute. Even expats can access their quality healthcare at a subsidized rate as long as they the HMC health card.

6. Kuwait
Kuwait  also pay their workers with higher and tax-free salaries. While enjoying the fruit of your hard work, you can also shop more because in this country, they do not have a value added tax (VAT) as of the moment. Sadly, by early 2021, they will start introducing the VAT system. Although, there is an increasing terrorist attack in its region, many still aspire to work for this country in exchange of a well-off life.

7. Taiwan
A low employment rate of 3.70% as February 2020, can be observed in Taiwan because it offers a lot of job opportunities to everyone. Since January 1, 2020, the country started providing minimum wage of TWD23,800 per month and TWD 158 per hour. Labor law here also restrict workers from working eight hours a day, excluding overtime. Taiwan also ensures that their workers will not experience discrimination whatever nationality, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation you have based on Employment Services Act.

8. Italy
As written on Italian Constitution, Article 36, there is no minimum wage at national level or regional level in Italy. However, employees  receive a justified salary based on the quality and quantity of their work. Tourism and teaching are the most sought jobs by expats In this country. With their flourishing economy, you cannot go wrong in choosing this country. In 2018, Italy actually ranked as the eight largest economy in the world according to International Monetary Fund.

9. Bahrain
Bahrain gives overseas workers more earning with no personal income taxes as well. Because of the country’s numerous job opportunities, expats have already outnumbered the population of locals. They open job listings for corporate works, medical and health industry, and  construction. You can be paid high enough but the thing is, Bahrain has a relatively high cost of living.

10. Malaysia
Cost of living and property prices are low in Malaysia making it popular for expats especially Filipinos. Many businessmen eye on this country because of its low operational cost too. According to  Critical Occupation List (COL) 2018 / 2019 report by TalentCorp Malaysia and the Institute of Labour Market Information and Analysis (ILMIA), there is a booming industry of education, engineering, finance, and computer science in the country.

Filipinos indeed take opportunities seriously. They are willing to sail oceans for their families and fruitful success. Numbers of OFWs all over the world are proof that Filipinos are highly competent individuals because they are accepted and welcomed not only by employers but also by many foreigners. They have also sacrifice and contribute a lot not only to their families but as well as to their beloved Philippines.  True enough, they deserved to be called as our modern heroes.

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