A Jewel In The Middle Of Busy Airport In The Tiger Country Of Singapore

Changi International Airport of Singapore recently crowned as the best airport in the world and in April 2019 the king of airports just opened its lifestyle hub called Jewel. The $1.2billion (Php62.4billion) majestic and jaw dropping Jewel has been open to public with a range of global and local outlet shops and restaurants.

Most people see airports as place of apprehension and anxiety but Changi International Airport bring Jewel to the next level to remove that impression to anyone who visit the place. Jewel has an indoor waterfall called the Rain Vortex which is the tallest in the world with  130 feet (40meters) from above going down the basement. The place also boasts a Canopy Park and forest trees around 1,400 in quantity that provides refreshing look of the place.

Surrounding Jewel are 280 outlet shops, restaurants and beverage stops around the glass dome, global brands include Shake Shack (first branch in Southeast Asia), fast food chains A&W and Pink Fish, Foot Locker, you can see here the largest Nike hub in Southeast Asia and popular Singapore local labels Naiise and Supermama are also at Jewel. Do not forget about the swimming pool on the rooftop of the airport and its one of a kind.

There are 11 silver screen cinemas and there is the Shaw Theatre in IMAX, a full size supermarket, there is even a Pokemon Center which is the first retail center outside Japan. The place also has a hotel called Yotelair Hotel that has 130 room accommodations. With the regal famous brands and restaurants are in Jewel, the place is a complete package for malling, strolling or just waiting for your flight.

The location of Jewel was once a car park, officials from the airport hopes that Jewel can lure travelers or tourist to leave the terminals of the airport and enjoy the amenities of the place. With Singapore’s visa policy, there are majority of population in the world that can enter the Tiger country. That means big tourism can enter Singapore which is a big boost on its economy. The Jewel itself expects around 50million to 60million visitor per year.

Jewel is very accessible by walking from the airport’s terminal via footbridge form Changi Airport Terminal 2 (near check in area). The sky train of the airport also passing by the Jewel which has a great view as the sky train travel slowly inside the dome. Though Jewel is not 100% finished yet, you may need a lot of time to wander the whole place and lots of to-do are still soon to be finished.

Jewel was designed by Safdie Architects, the same group that brings Singapore’s iconic building Marina Bay Sands to life. Aside from Jewel there are lots of attractions in Singapore namely Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Flyer, Sentosa’s Universal Studios, Merlion Park, Dine at Clarke Quay and many more.

Jewel was constructed for almost four years and is the only airport in the world that no other buildings has done by making an airport a tourist destination. Just don’t forget that this place is an Airport and most importantly keep an eye on your flight or else you will miss it.

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