Study: Kids Intelligence And Cleverness Inherited From Mothers

If you are smart you might pick that up from your mother, according to the research by Psychology Spot which is shared on Reader’s Digest tells that the intelligence of a child is believed to be inherited from mothers (and not from anyone else). The women’s genetics determine and likely to transmit intelligence genes to their children.

Parents would love to have intelligent kids as kids will excel and propel their intelligence in schools. Just imagine going into the school on a recognition day or graduation day and your child just bag every recognition award from the school and as a mother you may tell yourself that his intelligence come from his/her mother.

The study claims that the intelligence genes from the father appear to be deactivated and appears that the mother’s intelligence genes cancel out the one’s coming from the father. The study added if the genes came from father, it is the opposite of the intelligence you can have, oh well.

What is X chromosome?

The genes of intelligence are found in the so called “X Chromosomes” and study shows that females has two X Chromosomes and males has only one which is more favorable that the intellect of a child came from the mothers. Therefore, mothers are twice as much than the fathers to transmit relating to intelligence, IQ and their cleverness.

Psychology Spot also pointed out the study made in Glasgow, Scotland where researchers annually interview around 12,686 people with age ranging from 14 to 22, where the medical researchers looked for the participants IQ, education, race, economic status and others and found out that the best judge of intellect came from their mothers. Though the research from Scotland makes it clear that there is only 40% to 60% of estimated intelligence which is hereditary.

The bond between the mother and their children plays a significant role in the growth in some parts of the brain. In a separate research from University of Washington tells that if a child is emotionally supported, it fulfilled the hippocampus area of the brain. The hippocampus is associated with memory, learning and stress response. By helping children to solve different problems can lead to high intellect potential.

Though there are still environmental factors in the intelligence of a child and for the fathers losing this debate which is based on study, fathers are more good to teach their kids hand-on. Parents will be proud to see their kids perform well in school as we all know that the first teacher of a child is his/her mother, but one thing is for sure that intelligence can be formed and shaped by a lot of means other than genetics.

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