Research: Bald Men Tends To Be More Handsome, Smart And Wise

Beauty is comparative, someone can be a good looking for you but for others do not. It depends on someone’s personality or who you are looking at, for example a “bald” person can put positive to your eyes but for others don’t and others mostly agree that good looks transcend with a head full of hair.

On a study research conducted by scientist Albert E. Mannes at the University of Pennsylvania, where there are 59 subjects and showed participants pictures of men, where the first photo is a man full head of hair and the second photo is the same man with no hair.

The participants/subjects positively tells that bald men tends to be more attractive overall.

On a separate study conducted at University of Searland, women seen bald men as more intelligent and much wiser. Being bald is an obvious statement of a guy, shaven guys seem more successful and smarter.

It is concluded that men who are literally completely hairless seem more attractive, intelligent and successful and not those who are with bald spots (panot) which are tended to be weaker and less attractive.

The cast of Fast and Furious series agrees, namely Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson.

Some health issues about hair loss or getting bald;

Health issue that cause baldness includes diseases like anemia or thyroid problem, some radiation due to chemotherapy treatments, doses of medications with high dose of Vitamin A, steroids that build muscles, different scalp infections, problem or insignificant happening in your diet and stress.

Keeping a hairstyle with a very tight ponytails, braids or cornrows for a long time could also affect the growth of the hair. Though being bald sometimes can be genetic that can get from each respective parents, don’t worry it still has positive views for men. An estimate of 85% of men have some sort of baldness as they age.

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