How to land a good paying job in Taiwan for aspiring OFW

Machine Operator in Taiwan
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In today's economy status in the Philippines, job hunting is very difficult that there is only one job available in every five persons. Having a job is not just luck fortune as it depends on your hard work. Many OFW go abroad for a better living and better paying jobs and Taiwan is one of them.

Unlike Korea and Japan, studying Chinese or Mandarin is not a requirement in Taiwan as basic English will do. Here are ways and tips on how to land a good job in Taiwan.

1. Ready Your Working Experience

Apply for a job with related to your work experience as this will give you more chances to be selected. Taiwan industries are plenty in electronics, semiconductor, textile and food manufacturing sectors. Having the related work experience will also be an advantage if you are selected and this will make your work easier.

2. Collect All Important Documents

Before looking for a job in Taiwan, collect all your documents as some recruitment agencies need to verify these documents first. Government identifications like Passport, Birth Certificate and Unified Multipurpose Identification Card (UMID) are the most important. Also have your supporting documents like Employment Certificates, Voter's ID and TIN ID.

These documents will be verified if you are qualified to go to and work Taiwan, since these are the basic requirements to have a working VISA. Otherwise, the recruitment officer will tell you to apply for these documents and return when completed.

3. Know and Find a Recruitment Agency

There are many recruitment agencies in the Philippines for job in Taiwan, they almost do the same process of evaluation. Always check if the agency license is still legal, you may check it through POEA. These recruitment agencies follow the qualifications set by the employer especially when it comes to height, weight, and other physical appearances.

4. Search for the Company Profiles

Use the internet and search for the company you are lined up for interview. Read the company’s profile, check their products, its manufacturing location and search for news regarding the company. This will give you knowledge if the company is performing well, also read or ask testimonials by its current employees through social media.

5. Attend the Interview

Attend the interview whenever the recruitment agency appoint you, this will have a good impression to the agency. Most Taiwan interview are short like less than 15mins, sometimes they will go direct to the point of asking “tell me about yourself” and detailed work experience. But of course pass the exam first, although not all have examinations. Wear your neat white T-shirt or polo shirt matching with decent jeans and closed shoes.

6. Always Have Back Up Plan

Lucky enough if you are selected on your very first try and this will give you a morale boost. But if not, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, there are lot of job orders released by POEA for jobs in Taiwan. Always have that backup plan, check other agency hiring and visit them one by one, exam by exam, interview by interview until you land a job.

Always try your best in any exam and interviews. Have a list of agencies and companies that you are targeting to work. Read news regarding the economy and business in Taiwan. Happy job hunting to everyone.

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